Monday, June 24, 2013

For a great laughter - Marine animals in the haze.

As we found 6 Masked burrowing crabs (Gomeza sp.) this morning, one of us made a simple joke about the current haze situation in Singapore with the crabs.

Later in the afternoon Kok Sheng came up with an image for laughter:

I decided to create a few...

Enjoy the laugh!

Masked Burrowing Crab and Special Snail at sandy Changi

A female Masked burrowing crab (Gomeza sp.) with eggs was found at Changi during the Comprehensive Marine Biodiversity Surevy (CMBS) Northern Expedition held last October. This special crab was sighted today at the exact location. In fact, the team found 6 of them!
Masked burrowing crab
As the common name suggests, the Masked burrowing crab burrows and stay in the sand. It is difficult to spot the crab when it is burrowed. However the crabs were out in laying motionless on the sand and seagrass patches. What was the reason for this strange behaviour?


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