Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Lorax

Saw this video via Ria's blog.

The story is from Dr Seuss' stories.
Perhaps it is telling us something about taking care of Earth that we don't know?

Do your part to save Mother Earth.

Pei Yan

From Plamp to Plamps

On tuesday, I was on a buying spree.
First the Tamron 180mm macro from a fellow CSer, then I went to Cathay Photo to get the Wimberley Plamp.
Here it is:

On Thursday night, a fellow exposer posted on the exposer thread that someone is selling 4 plamps at a wooping price of $200.
That's $20 cheaper per piece.
Tempting me so much, I texted the seller on Friday night and I had the deal the today.
So now, I have 5 plamps:

That is really a lot of plamps to use.

Pei Yan


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